*My Skin*

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a bit of history and extra information about my skin because it will help make sense of my reviews if you know exactly what my skin type is and how it tends to behave.

I have dehydrated, sensitive, oily-combination skin (what a mouthful!) And by sensitive I mean my skin becomes irritated fairly easily by harsh products and even slight rubbing makes it go red. When I entered puberty, I started having mild breakouts. I would get these tiny non-inflamed bumps (called 'comedones') on my forehead and my skin had a dry, rough texture in that area as well. I also got the odd inflamed blemish around my mouth and chin area during that time of the month. I then decided to go on the pill. I used Ginette 35, a combination contraceptive pill that helps keep androgen dependent acne under control by stopping excess sebum production. I've gone on and off the pill, but ultimately find that being on it has more benefits for me, personally.

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